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Nothing is working till your
sales pages is selling.

Let's sort out your sales page once and for all,
with sales page education and services,
for coaches and course creators in personal
and professional development.

Conversion copywriting services and strategies

Unstuck your sales page potential

If the readers on your sales page aren't saying yes to the
wonderfulness that is working with you ...

It's not a sales page. It's just an underperforming page.

Conversion copywriting and empathy based persuasion can
take your underperforming page from just sitting there.

To selling.

Let's create you a sales page that actually sells.

Sales page education and done for you services, for coaches, consultants and course creators in personal development, health and wellbeing.

Sales page support you can count on

To reliably bring more clients and students into your business

Grow your skills

Develop the conversion copywriting and content design skills you need, to create your sales page that sells. With online training and small group coaching.

Grow your business

Build and refine your online brand presence to attract more leads and clients. With consulting and done for you sales page copywriting services and support. 

A great sales page is like a mirror. Your student or client needs to see themselves reflected back the second they land on your page.

Hi I'm Chloe

When I'm not walking on the beach, cuddling my two little doggies or gardening, you will find me at my pleasantly untidy desk obsessing about all things sales pages (in a good way!). 

I design, write conversion copy, and teach sales page creation to coaches and course creators in personal development, health and wellbeing.

I'm a creative introvert with a background in adult education, communication and copywriting training. Nothing makes me happier than to see you successfully launch your life changing programs to help others live happier, healthier lives.

Copyhackers Trained In Conversion Copywriting

Sixteen founding members from Dr Nicki's launch

Save you time and heartache

I would absolutely recommend working with Chloe. It'll save you time and heartache. I'm SO glad I decided to go for it and hire Chloe, and have her sales page template as my base from which to grow my membership.

Working with Chloe gave me a foundation from which I could build and expand. It took the guesswork out of starting from scratch to learn a new system with New Zenler. It gave me peace of mind.

Communication with Chloe was excellent. I could trust that any questions or concerns would be acknowledged in a timely manner.

Working with Chloe was different to other designers or freelancers because of the way she bridges the gap between education/teaching and design.

Dr Nicki Steinberger

Ditch The Sugar Academy™

What my students say about working with me

Clarity and direction

I entered Chloe's course feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. As I followed the how to videos and read all the information, a clearer picture of my branding, started to emerge. It was such a relief. I could now more confidently move to other areas of my business. Chloe’s strategies provide clarity and direction, guiding us along the way. I would recommend it to anyone who feels confused, unsure and clueless.


Spiritual Training Academy


I came onto Chloe's course feeling quite confident about building a sales page, just thinking it might help me find some shortcuts in New Zenler. What I got was ACTUAL competence in building a sales page, not only from a technical point of view but from a design and branding point of view. I didn't know what I didn't know, and Chloe’s course has been invaluable in showing me where my gaps were and helping me fill them.


Personal Transformation Coach

Create sales pages that convert

Create sales pages that converts more of your audience into paying clients. Answer these twenty questions to get clear on who you are talking to on your sales page.

*Spoiler alert you should be talking to one person on your page!