Fresh Ways To Use Free Stock Photos

How to customise your images to look unique online

You know you need strong images to bring your social posts and blogs to life, but you struggle to find inspiring stock photos.

You’re stuck using the same free photos as everyone else and you just don’t have the time to hunt down that perfect image that’s never been done before. So you end up following the crowd not standing out from it.

It bugs you but you don’t know what to do about it.

What if you could take a so-so stock photo and transform it into something stunning that will set you apart from everyone else, and make you the envy of the other brands out there?

Well YOU CAN! I show you how.

In this short course I teach you some surprisingly simple (when you know how!) ways to edit and customise free stock photos. So you can create a look and feel that's fresh and unique to you and your business.

You will learn:
  • How to crop, flip and re-position images to create designs you can use effectively to market your business online.
  • Ways to add colour transparent overlays for a sophisticated look, and extra flexibility in your image choices.
  • How to confidently position your text in your image to avoid common design faux-pas!
All you need to do is pick the look and style you like. Add your messaging. Refine and repeat.

That’s it.


You'll be able to use these techniques to refresh, re-purpose and re-publish existing content, to get those evergreen favourites working for you again.


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  •  ELEVEN WAYS to transform one image to achieve your chosen look, for consistent branding that gets you noticed.
  • STEP BY STEP VIDEO TUTORIALS how to customise and edit stock images in CANVA and SNAPPA (and some pro's and con's of each).
  • VIDEO DEMO HOW TO REMOVE THE BACKGROUND from your chosen photos, and add your brand colour background (it's easier than you think!).
  • IMAGE AND TEXT POSITIONING CHEATSHEET to help you get your text in the right place every time (downloadable).


  • Consultants, coaches and small businesses who want to stand out online with simple content creative techniques you can quickly and easily start using today.
  • Businesses on a budget who want quality affordable training, to DIY your design and still look polished and professional.
  • Busy people who don't have time to trawl the internet for images and want to get maximum mileage out of free stock.


  • People looking for advanced photo editing skills such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, this course is for busy professionals who need to do their content to a high standard on the hop.
  • Business owners who don't want to DIY their content - though this course will give you an understanding of what to ask your VA to do for you which is always useful (or buy it for them!)

Course Curriculum

Chloe King

Hi I'm Chloe, designer and digital content trainer for coaches and consultants in personal development, health and wellbeing. I can take you from stuck and stressed to clear and confident with easy to understand branding, design and content marketing training. So you can connect with your clients and grow your business presence online.

You can be sure you'll get just the right amount of know-how from me. Not too much, not too little. Just what you need to get the job done. I've facilitated over four thousand hours of adult learning in the classroom as a qualified trainer. I have a Graduate Diploma in Communication, a broad creative skill-set and a special interest in photography for social media and design. I bring you no-nonsense practical training designed for really busy professionals!


Small Business Owner

Chloe's course was clear and straightforward with the information where I would expect it to be. Lots of people in my shoes use Canva and this bit of extra help with it is fab. It made me feel confident about what I wanted to do.


Small Business Owner

I was able to learn some new, invaluable tricks in this super handy course. Chloe efficiently walked through how to alter and enhance images for variety and flexibility. I know that my website and social content is now going to go up another level.

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    How to customise images for your brand

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